"And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been."
- Rainer Maria Rilke

I'm so excited to be able to share this with you! People always say that they spent hours preparing their website and I tend to think it's an exaggeration but I actually did spend hours getting this ready so now I am one of those people. I must have uploaded and reordered things at least a dozen times! Then I was so excited that I spent a month editing (what is now) this very short entry. I had to practice restraint in eradicating all of the, "welcome to my blog", clichés in an attempt to appease myself. Check it out. See if you can find the hidden page on the site. There really is one.

It's always an odd for me to try and put into words what I'm feeling at the beginning of a new year because I don't feel like much has changed: "it's just another day". The gridlocked traffic clogs the arteries of the city, choking the patience out of the festivities, so leaving my sanctuary seems ill-advised at best. I've put off blogging (and having a website) for years. I thought there were too many rad free platforms out there that could be exploited. That was the problem - too many - rad - free - platforms. I've settled now and here it is - my Death Star - these are totally the droids that you're looking for!


2015 ended in a flurry of urgency with Synergy Live, Plett Rage, and beach escapades peppered with a veritable cacophony of laughs, long nights and roadtrips spent in the company of some awesome humans. That's not me complaining - it's a validation that the year ended in rapture rather than grinding to a sickly halt. I'm happy spending my time making sure that people can remember theirs. Stick around; I'm going to share some of my stories. There's always more - and as it's been said before: "This is just the beginning".

I'll use this space to post some unseen work and you can find curated selections in the gallery section. If you're looking for some help, I'll also share some gems as malformed insights in my trove (see: blog) - the kind of stuff that would normally end up in a FAQ section. Do I have an FAQ section? No. I have a blog and you're reading it. That's what excites me: conversation. After all, content is just something to talk about. 

Anything you want to ask?