YoungstaCPT and Stilo Magolide joined forces to release the video for their politically charged track, "Sleep is For The Rich". The clip was shot across two locations that span the width of Cape Town and represent the glaring differences between upper and lower classes: the extreme rich and the extreme poor that South Africa is notorious for.

The first location is a penthouse in Table View that flaunts how the rich lay back knowing that their stock market shares will keep climbing. While in the second location, Manenberg, sleep is a luxury. You don’t find the poor sleeping because they need to work 24/7 and keep on hustling just to rub a few rands together.

“Money on my mind / grinding 'til I die / make my momma proud / buy a bigger crib / somewhere in The Hills…”

After meeting on the streets of Hillbrow, in July 2015, the planets aligned and a week later YoungstaCPT and Stilo were in the studio laying down tracks while emerging hip hop producer Loopsta, from Hillbrow, created the beat for Sleep Is For the Rich.

There has always been a sibling rivalry between Johannesburg and Cape Town but both solo artist’s YoungstaCPT and Stilo Magolide have joined forces to connect their respective cities through this hip hop artistry and community. This is the first of many collaborations between the two independent artists with the follow up, "Pose Like Stilo" to be released soon...

YoungstaCPT & Stilo Magolide "Sleep Is For The Rich" (Produced: Loopsta / Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: TruHitz) / Video Production: byjono.co.za / Editor & Animator: Tim Weyer / Supported by Red Bull Studios Cape Town.