William's work tends to focus on the experience of going on an adventure with someone and telling the story of the day visually. 

William: "Ella (@ellagrieg) and I have followed each other for a while and I saw she'd cut her hair into this super duper cool bowl cut that I thought looked amazing (Mia Wallace vibes). I immediately asked if we could make something and she was keen.

I wanted to go to Boulders Beach cause there are penguins so we planned to meet up there. Ella is super calm and warm so her demeanor ended up influencing what we made. I normally go for striking, monumental vibes, but tried to add a softness to the mix as the afternoon progressed since that's what Ella was emanating.  

The penguins weren't particularly keen on being involved on the day, but the light was nice and there were some nooks and crannies to explore so we did that, I used my semi functional Mamiya RB67, and we made what you see here!"

All images  William Sheepskin

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