I met Elsa at her Nightscapes exhibition in Johannesburg as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Weekender in 2016. Her images have been described as cinematic, dystopian, dreamlike, and haunting nightscapes - of you have a look at her work you'll see for yourself. Seeing her images on the wall at Red Bull Studios was an immersive experience and the body of work that she has created in Cape Town is completely different to the Johannesburg images which I feel is a very good thing!

Elsa has had residencies in Europe and Africa. Traveling a lot and being immersed in many different cultures during her childhood and youth developed a different eye for her. Lights, colors, and shapes. Every single place she lived in has added something new - feeding her creativity. She's confessed that the most interesting place to photograph has been Johannesburg, the city where she currently lives. The mysterious nature of the city is incomparable. Find her on Instagram and keep up with her adventures here and