I don't always get the chance to post everything that I want, or like even. I was also man-down in "Januworry" after surgery so in an attempt to post a bit more of what I do, here is a round-up of what I did. Just a few images. An insight. Short and sweet - like an attention span! I had the esteemed pleasure of spending time with Danielle Clough, Leeu, Stiff Pap. Dean Jones, Push Push, and even a visit to Kommetjie... Scroll down and read on.

Danielle has always been kind enough to include me in her amazing (often super secret) projects. It's been an incredible privilege to be part of her journey and see how much she has accomplished in the time that she has been my friend. Last year we ended up filming some stuff for an awesome collaboration that she's part of - which led us into 2017. The project launches in February so keep your eyes peeled!

After a long break, I was ushered into Red Bull Studios with Leeu. The sounds that came creeping out of that studio are unreal. If you haven't already had the chance to check out his stuff then find it here https://soundcloud.com/leeu88 - he performs with Lazarusman, and has some magical remixes out there for Zaki Ibrahim, and Vox Portent...

I met Stiff Pap at a production master class for CTEMF in 2016. If you look up, "future electronic kwaito", you won't find a genre definition so just navigate yourself to their Soundcloud for an auditory presentation https://soundcloud.com/stiff-pap (they featured on Red Bull Studios Cape Town Sessions 7). They're rad guys and it was such a pleasure to see them again!

Dean came to me with an idea for a shoot and we ran with it. He's just launched a new identity, Cxnsvmer, and wants to incorporate some really astute elements into his performances. We shot in the foyer of an old building in Sea Point and played around a little bit with alternative lighting before we settled on the images that we could agree worked really well.

The inimical Push Push welcomed us into her home with frozen Snapple, Tom (the cat), and some interesting stories about her new songs. As she says: "no-one listens to Push Push", but she's not letting that keep her quiet. You can expect some new music soon and a raucous performance at CTEMF 2017!

It was a beautiful, warm Sunday when I took the drive to Kommetjie to see the Slangkop lighthouse with Lars. That was a rad day - despite the wind. Admittedly a bit of a drive but totally worthwhile on a day like that! Besides, the ice cream alone was worth the commute. If you need a hint: Lighthouse Festival South Africa.