Sara Abdel-Hamid - better known as Ikonika - is an electronic musician, producer and DJ often associated with Hyperdub Records and the inimical dubstep genre. She distances herself from what more knowing fans might call, "brostep" - and rightfully so because her compositions are not the jarring, skittish reverberations that stutter across festivals. Both her debut 12", "Please/Simulacrum", and debut album, "Contact, Love, Want, Have" were released on Hyperdub. The label emerged from the unlikely environs of a flat above a hair salon in Camberwell and was the breeding ground for the bass-heavy music that gave garage a new voice. 

The superb debut by Ikonika is a sign of Hyperdub's ability to stay ahead of the crowd but that is not her claim to fame. An unmatched technical proficiency has taken her to bookings at clubs and festivals all across the world. Her live and studio sets journey from classic House and Techno, to RnB bangers, to the very depths of the underground. Her talent was recognised by DJ Mag with nominations for "Best Breakthrough DJ" of 2009 and "Best DJ" of 2010. We were really lucky to have her chatting to us on the couch at Red Bull Studios.