Her favourite item of clothing is a leotard and if she ate a specific meal from now until forever, it’d be phutu pap and maas. For someone who doesn’t have any lucky charms, Moonchild Sanelly seems to be having quite the sick innings. Earlier this year she held her own for the second year in a row at Primavera Sound in Barcelona and has been working on her new EP. Slight warning there: it’s bound to leave you feeling shook. We chatted to Moonchild Sanelly about her brand new tracks, F-Boys and Thirsty. Take a look and give them a listen to see what all the fuss is about.


When it comes to what’s important Moonchild Sanelly will tell you straight up, “Success, growing minds and having a voice. It’s also important to make sure I instill the fact that women matter.” This exact attitude translates directly into F-Boys and Thirsty.


First off in F-Boys, it’s important to keep in mind that the “F” doesn’t stand for “fun”. “There was this guy who would mack on girls – very charming dude – he had a house,” explains Moonchild Sanelly. She continues by saying that girls would get a lift from him, but know that they’d need to pay for petrol and essentially, all he was was an estate agent who enjoyed flourishing with women in unsold homes.


We asked if people should run from F-Boys, Moonchild Sanelly says,”They bring no good, but drama. Whether it’s drama in the heart or the bed. There are different kinds of F-Boys.” The moral of the story is that women deserve the world and they shouldn’t settle or put up with shit.


You can get down to Thirsty and know that every provocative line sounds as sweet and cheeky as the singer behind it. Moonchild Sanelly attributes the child-like quality of her voice to her ability to tell the truth in a frank way. She’s well aware that she can’t please everyone and that being yourself is the one thing you can do better than anyone else. Moonchild Sanelly is certainly handling “doing you” in the best way she knows how.


On a real note this next part of 2017 means that some of her time will be spent doing training with an organisation that focuses on abused women and children. She’ll start taking her skills development class in September. “I’m very excited because I believe in skills development and empowering humans,” says Moonchild Sanelly. She’ll also be pushing her new EP and doing pop-up performances throughout SA.


Just so you know, Moonchild’s EP, 1st Million, will drop later this year. In the meanwhile enjoy the unique message and sound in her latest two tracks. You can catch her at Oppikoppi in October. Expect the kind of high-energy performance she’s synonymous with, as well as some extra spice in the form of new sounds.

Words by Celeste Jacobs