The Constructus Corporation were a trip-hop collective featuring current members of Die Antwoord alongside Sibot, and electronic producers: Felix Laband, and Markus Wormstorm. The Ziggurat is a rich concept album featuring some of the best beats to come out of South Africa, and a lush overarching storyline that showcases Waddy Jones at his creative paramount.

Watkins Tudor Jones Jr relocated to Cape Town, and began collaborating with DJ Dope of Krushed & Sorted, and Felix Laband on the music for a multi-media project he had conceptualized, involving a graphic novel with a soundtrack, and live show. These sessions spawned the, "Man With No Name", track on African Dope's Cape Of Good Dope compilation in 2002. Later, it gradually mutated into The Constructus Corporation outfit. During the year-long production process, a then unknown female vocalist called Anri du Toit joined the group, credited as Anica The Snuffling (later known as Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord) on the credits.

Below are the links to Disc 2 that was available to everyone when the album was released. I recently found these links online, and still active...