Quite recently, I took to uploading more video content on my YouTube channel. This wasn't really part of a grand plan to invade your office, home, or iPad... I just wanted to create videos about something I really like: food. It's a process that I enjoy – talking my way through the smells, textures, and flavours that I enjoy, and most importantly – why. I was even fortunate enough to even have Grimehouse join me with both supper AND dessert! What a time to be alive.

While food has been a great topic of discussion; my other passion is hotnesses (not a real word but it's my vlog so now what). Spicy food, hot sauce, my wife, and other sweat-inducing condiments are such a radical source of excitement for me. Finding a good hot sauce in Cape Town has been quite challenging though and that kind of hunt suits me. I've managed to find epic locally-made fire sauces, and put them into a series called "hot pursuit". Delving into the depths of discomfort with some of the meanest sauces I've wrapped my mouth around has been an absolute delight... even if I suffer for it.

Check out the videos on my channel and leave me a comment if you agree, disagree, or have any tips that you think I might've missed...