Get to know the Pretoria-bred DJ and producer who has gone from making beats in his bedroom to playing Sonar in Barcelona

Driving and melodic, Trancmicsoul’s track selection for his Red Bull Music presents Beyond the Sound set featured Mind Against’s ‘Days Gone’, Keinemusik’s ‘Civilist’ and Pional’s ‘State of Presence. Sharing his story of how it all began, Trancemicsoul says that he knew he wanted to become a DJ in Grade 9 when he attended school functions and saw the DJs that were brought in. “That’s when I felt music connected to me. That’s when I started to collect records. For me the style has always been there. I didn’t actually know that the music I was playing was called electronic music or techno. It was one of those genres that connected with me. As I grew up and started to know certain people, that’s when I paid attention to details in terms of what I do. Eventually electronic music that can take you across the world, so that’s how it happened.”


For Trancemicsoul, music is an art form that is all about storytelling. “For me I felt the connection of storytelling through music, which is not an easy thing to do. It’s an emotional thing. So you have to be in the moment to actually paint the picture. That’s how I felt I can connect with the people musically.”

On his evolution as an artist, Trancemicsoul believes that whichever path he chooses, there will always be people that will join him.”If the people see the vision that I have definitely we will be working together to build this whole Trancemicsoul thing. For me I’m not an artist per se, I think it’s a project, at any given time the sound can be something different from what it is now but it will always have the core ingredients of cinematic, melodic sounds.”


For the near future he hopes to play more both locally and internationally, and he also has a new project in the works. “Hopefully there’ll be some international tours and locally we are still working on some nationwide tours for the kind of sound that I do with certain people. I’m also working on a project called ‘Trancemicsoul Sessions’, where I get DJs from all over Pretoria & Johannesburg, they come during the day & play music, we just chill with like-minded people. From there it’s something that will turn into festivals.”

Words by Themba Kriger.