2017 IN 12

It's always worth looking back at what you did. For me that time is usually as the new year is ushered in... I like to try and take stock of what I made, how I could do things differently, or how I could just streamline a process. I used to get such angst at the archive that I was amassing – like what do you do with all of it? That has always kept me awake. My dad is a blind man, a piano tuner, and he has more stories than I could wish to relate! He seems like the kind of guy that inspires me. He really does.


I've enjoyed a solid working relationship with Danielle, and started the year shooting a collaboration that she was part of for Adobe. The final piece was a massive steel scorpion that was sent from another artist in South America and was then completed with threads. You can see the whole project here. It's a nifty way to kick off the year!


byjono best of 2017 kdollahz ctemf

CTEMF is an event that I always look forward to. Normally you'll find me shooting #FacesOfCTEMF somewhere off to one side but this year it also marked a change in the way that I shot. I had just come out of surgery for a hernia repair and found myself wailing through the halls like Moaning Myrtle. The images are some of my favourite so far.


byjono best of 2017 floorslive

You might recognise Greg and Mikhaela separately from other projects but together they are Floorslive. It was almost like I was gifted the opportunity to experience the magic of their first performance but also capture it and immortalise the moment. Very cool music. Even more so when you see the lights and visuals. Rocking the Daisies was a taste of this concept on a huge stage. Flawless.


byjono best of 2017

I went to Paris. Bonjour!


byjono best of 2017 thor rixon threads

It took almost half the year to get to the point where I was it was effortlessly exciting to shoot projects that weren't in the studios. Themba helped spearhead a project that had us shooting with Thor Rixon, Dope Saint Jude, and Amy Ayanda... in their cupboards!


byjono best of 2017 miki san tzu red bull studios

My very close friend, conspirator, and fellow miscreant came to record music at Red Bull Studios and I got to watch. I got to feedback, input, and scrutinize. In a loving way. I am very stoked for these tracks to see the light of day. It was like Plett Rage for a week in studio. Heccies!


byjono best of 2017 miss patty monroe corner2corner

Got to ride shotgun as Ready D, Miss Patty Monroe, and the Concrete Apostles went corner2corner through the neighbourhoods that they grew up in. The communities that shaped them, moulded them, and nurtured them. This was the most fun. Seeing Ready D perform right outside his mom's house – where he grew up as a child. Priceless.


byjono best of 2017 grassy spark

This photo was taken as security was crossing the street to shut us down. It was literally 30 seconds. All-in-all this day was rad – ran around Hout Bay with Grassy Spark taking photos, shouting: "I'm a rapper", and driving a VW Cabriolet. These guys are incredible humans. They're funny as well. Might be the Monty Python of our generation!


byjono best of 2017 red bull culture clash

Red Bull Culture Clash. Best event that I've ever seen! Best. Hands down; no competition. It was 4 smaller stages that made one HUGE stage, with AKA, DJ Tira, Patoranking, and Admiral & Jahseed enlisting some of the industry’s top musicians to back their crews for an epic show! Easily labelled the biggest live music battle experience the continent has ever seen.


byjono best of 2017 two door cinema club rocking the daisies

Got to sit and drink wine with Two Door Cinema Club while we interviewed them for redbull.com Rocking the Daisies. And Snakehips too. It was a rad weekend. Made it through with only R22 so thanks to my friends who kept me fed, and made sure I wasn't expired. The trap house is a testament to the kind of creativity that we need at local festivals. Loved it!


byjono best of 2017 courtnae paul house of machines

It's always rad when good people drop in and give me a call to hang out. Courtnaé Paul is on such person. We had maybe 2 hours to hang out – managed to squeeze in a few photos as well. Big things on her radar so keep your eyes peeled!


byjono best of 2017 kayla neon glow

I didn't get to do as much personal work as I might've liked this year but I did manage to teach myself some nifty tricks in December. I've been trying to get this particular effect right for almost too long now. Make time for yourself, and your craft. Don't let being busy get in the way of being better. You owe it to yourself to try and expand your talents.


Very recently I started posting about "the best" food in Cape Town. It's on YouTube. So I'm a YouTuber now. I don't know Casey Neistat. Yet. Check it out. Zanie helps me more than you'd imagine. We both enjoy food and these videos aren't about your regular burger bek.